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100 Days with Jesus: Bible Reading & Devotional Plan

100 Days with Jesus is a Bible reading and devotional plan designed to help you foster your relationship with God through Scripture and prayer, the first of the five marks of a healthy disciple. Utilizing The Essential Jesus reading plan from, we will provide you with a SOAP study for each passage in the reading schedule over the course of the 100 day devotional plan.

If you’re not familiar with a SOAP study, it’s not a study of soap (duh!). SOAP is an acronym that stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. Every day we will publish a post that goes through the SOAP structure for the reading scheduled for that day. What we post is not meant to be a substitute for your own study, but rather a guide to help you. We encourage you to get online each day, read through the Scripture for the day, making some of your own observations and applications. Use what the author has written in the online post to guide your study, if you wish. Are there places of resonance between your study and the author’s? Pay special attention to that – God is probably trying to tell you something!

The first post will be published at 7:00am on Sunday, September 17th. A new post will be published every day after that, with the 100th post to be published on Christmas Day. If you have the Bible app on your phone, or can access on your computer, we recommend starting the Essential Jesus reading plan on September 17th. That way you’ll always be on schedule with where we are as a church.

Do your best to stick with the devotional plan for the entire 100 days. If you miss a day, it’s easy to get caught up again. Don’t give up! Spending time in God’s word will deepen your relationship with him, and will also help to transform your mind. If you commit to it, these 100 days with Jesus will be enriching and encouraging to your soul.

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