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Day 26 of 100 Days with Jesus – Isaiah 7:1-25


The passage for today is Isaiah 7:1-25. You can read this passage online or on your phone by following along with The Essential Jesus reading plan on, or you can read it in your physical Bible. Take a few minutes to read Isaiah 7:1-25 carefully, inviting the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you read.


What did you see in the text? What is the main point being communicated? Here are some of the things that I saw.

Isaiah 7 is a harsh prophecy against two of Judah’s enemies, Ephraim and Aram. It came at a difficult time because Judah was under attack, but God brought a word of encouragement in the darkness. Judah would not fall. Instead, Assyria would come and wipe out Judah’s enemies. We know from history that this is what happened.

In the middle of this chapter is a famous prophecy about the Messiah. “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.” This prophecy is fascinating for many reasons, but especially because it wasn’t fulfilled for another 700 years! It just goes to show you that God works on his own time frame, and never as quickly as we would like him to.


The end of verse 9 is a warning for us: “If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.” If your faith falters, your whole life falls apart. Even when our enemies surround us, we must trust in the strength of the Lord and his Immanuel, for God is with us. No matter what circumstances you’re in, stand firm in your faith. Don’t let the trials of life shake your faith in God, because he alone can rescue you from any danger.


Father, give me strength to stand firm in my faith in you even when I am under assault from my enemies. I trust in you and the strength of your promises. Amen.

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