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Day 56 of 100 Days with Jesus – John 2:1-11


The passage for today is John 2:1-11. You can read this passage online or on your phone by following along with The Essential Jesus reading plan on, or you can read it in your physical Bible. Take a few minutes to read John 2:1-11 carefully, inviting the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you read.


What did you see in the text? What is the main point being communicated? Here are some of the things that I saw.

This is one of the funniest stories in the whole Bible. I love the way that Mary responds to Jesus at the beginning of the story. She knows that Jesus can do miracles, and so when the wine runs out at the wedding, she goes to him and says, “They have no more wine.” She doesn’t actually ask him to do anything! She just brings the problem to Jesus and expects him to deal with it. But he doesn’t want to, apparently. He responds with obvious agitation, “Woman, why do you involve me? My hour has not yet come.” As if that’s going to stop Mary. Without responding to his objection, she turns to the servants and says, “Do whatever he tells you.” At this point I imagine her turning and walking back to the wedding reception, confident that she has made her point and that Jesus will do something about the lack of wine. And he did!


No, I don’t think you can expect Jesus to miraculously refresh the alcohol supply at your wedding or tailgate party. But you can expect him to respond to the problems in your life if you have a relationship with him. Mary had an advantage on all of us in that department, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a close, personal relationship with Jesus. In the context of this relationship, we can bring our problems to Jesus with the confident expectation that he will do something about them. He may not always do what we ask, or deal with our problems in the way that we want him to, but he won’t ignore us.


Jesus, may I have the audacious faith of Mary when I pray to you. May I have the depth of relationship with you from which that faith may arise. Amen.

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