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Day 72 of 100 Days with Jesus – Mark 3:20-35


The passage for today is Mark 3:20-35. You can read this passage online or on your phone by following along with The Essential Jesus reading plan on, or you can read it in your physical Bible. Take a few minutes to read Mark 3:20-35 carefully, inviting the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you read.


What did you see in the text? What is the main point being communicated? Here are some of the things that I saw.

This passage of scripture focuses on an interesting dynamic between Jesus and the religious leaders, and also between Jesus and His family. These are two groups of people who one would assume would be incredibly supportive of the Messiah—the religious leaders because they were the ones leading worship at the temple and teaching the prophecies of the coming Messiah, and the family because they were witnesses of His life. But as we see in this passage, neither group reflected faith in the Lord. The religious leaders accuse Jesus of getting His power from Satan as an explanation of His miracles. Jesus refutes this statement by teaching them “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” More importantly, this is what Jesus is referring to when He, in verse 29, addresses blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. This is a grave warning to the Pharisees. Accusing the Lord Jesus of working signs and wonders through the power of Satan is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit because it was through the Holy Spirit that He did all things. In verse 21, we can conclude that Jesus’ family reasoned He had “lost His senses,” and again in verses 31-32 His family shows up seeming to feel pressured to try to help Jesus with having “lost his senses.” They probably felt they needed to care for Him, missing completely the Messiah right before them. Jesus makes a strong statement regarding family in verse 35, “whoever does the will of God, he is My brother and sister and mother.”


Two groups of people who perhaps should have been the first to recognize Jesus as Messiah completely missed Him. The religious leaders and His family didn’t recognize His Lordship yet. Neither saw things as Jesus saw things. It does not come naturally to man to see the Kingdom of God. Jesus told Nicodemus, “unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” We must be given our sight from the Lord Jesus. We must come to realize that we have been the blind man on the road and our eyes must receive a touch from Him in order to “see” Jesus as He is. We need to have a clear, powerful vision of Christ as Messiah, and an exalted view of Him in every way. It is from seeing Jesus clearly that we will find ourselves doing the will of God and we will hear Jesus saying, “…he is My brother and sister and mother.”


How blind we can become to Your glory, Lord. How much we limit our vision of who You are by our own understanding. Oh God, help us to see as You see. Help us to let go of our human-views of Your Lordship and let us gain a heavenly vision of the Lamb of God is His glory, encircled by angels in the throne of heaven. Let us be humbled by the greatness of Your Kingship and Your glory! Let us have no other response to this heavenly vision than to cry out, “How great is Our God!” Be glorified in the hearts of Your people and may no other thing rival the position You deserve in us. Glory to God! Amen.

This post was written by Amee Kuch.

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