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Day 84 of 100 Days with Jesus – John 20:1-21:25


The passage for today is John 20:1-21:25. You can read this passage online or on your phone by following along with The Essential Jesus reading plan on, or you can read it in your physical Bible. Take a few minutes to read John 20:1-21:25 carefully, inviting the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you read.


What did you see in the text? What is the main point being communicated? Here are some of the things that I saw.

Jesus reveals Himself to Mary, Thomas, the disciples, and has a personal conversation with Peter in this passage. These are extremely deep and meaningful conversations and they require time to pray and dwell over. I encourage you to spend extra time over these and hear what the Lord is speaking to you. First, I find it no small thing that the first person for Jesus to reveal Himself to was Mary Magdalene. I almost detect an anticipation of delight as Jesus asks her twice, “Why are you weeping?” and “Whom are you seeking?” He is anticipating the joy of His revelation to Mary, to silence her weeping and to restore her joy! He demolishes the stronghold of despair in Mary’s heart! I pray that we look to the revelation of Jesus’s second coming in the exact same way…with great anticipation. Thomas is someone who was entirely unconvinced of the resurrection of Jesus until he touched where the nails were driven in Christ’s hands and reached into His side. What a remarkable moment it must have been for Thomas to have Christ revealed in this way, demolishing the stronghold of unbelief from his heart! Prior to Thomas, the rest of the disciples had been locked away in a room for fear of the Jews when Jesus came and stood in their midst. What a great rejoicing must have risen from that room! Jesus breathes on them and commands them to receive the Holy Spirit. He demolishes the stronghold of fear for them. Peter’s conversation with Jesus is full and meaningful. But I believe here, Jesus demolishes the stronghold of guilt and shame from Peter’s heart. I see Jesus destroying despair, doubt, fear, guilt and shame in His encounters with the people in this passage of scripture which follow His defeat of death itself for all His followers. This is the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ!


Are we seeking the living among the dead? Jesus Christ is the Living One and He is no longer found in a tomb, but is currently sitting at the right hand of the throne of God in heaven! Our Lord and Savior is alive and He is also our great high priest “who ever lives to make intercession for us.” How we must seek the Lord in His place of glory! He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and we must seek Him as such. He will destroy every high and lofty thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. He will destroy our depair, our doubt, our fear of man, and our guilt and shame!


Father, we thank You for sending Your Son to die and resurrect on our behalf so that we may live and that we may serve You. Help us to see Jesus as the Living One, alive and on His throne of glory. Destroy all of our despair, doubt, fear, shame, and guilt in the Holy name of Jesus!

This post was written by Amee Kuch.

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