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5 Marks: Investing Where God Is Working

Andy Holt
August 27, 2017

5 Marks: Investing Where God Is Working

The final mark in our series, 5 Marks of a Healthy Disciple, is this: A disciple stewards God’s assets for the advancement of the Kingdom. In this message, Pastor Andy talks about generously investing where God is powerfully working. When Jesus talked about money, he wasn’t really talking about money; he was talking about our hearts and his kingdom. Jesus knew that money could never give us the security we seek from it, so he taught us to invest our temporal wealth in God’s eternal kingdom.

Many of us have been investing our money in stocks for years, hoping to build up a nest egg for retirement. While this is prudent, the only investment that carries eternal returns is our investment in God’s work. The only thing that will matter to you in a hundred years is where you are and who is there with you. It is a joy to give to God’s kingdom, because your investment reaps eternal rewards.

Part of this message is the powerful Hope Story from a couple who has recently begun attending Hope Church. Their testimony, and others like them, encourage us to see how God is at work in our midst. If you have a Hope Story that you’d like to share, please contact Pastor Andy.

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