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5 Marks: Spiritual Intelligence

Yogi Durbin
September 10, 2017

5 Marks: Spiritual Intelligence

We finish up our series, 5 Marks of a Healthy Disciple, with this message from Pastor Yogi on spiritual intelligence. This message sums up our entire series, which gave a picture of what a disciple ought to look like. The five marks of a healthy disciple are:

1. A disciple cultivates a relationship with God by spending time in Scripture and prayer;
2. A disciple proclaims God’s grace by sharing the story of what He has done for them;
3. A disciple knows their spiritual gifts and uses them daily;
4. A disciple demonstrates the fruit of the Spirit;
5. A disciple stewards God’s assets for the advancement of the Kingdom.

In this final message, we looked at Philippians 1:3-11. There are three important factors to capture from this passage. First, we need to capture what the people meant to Paul personally. Paul loved the Christians in Philippi, even saying in verse 7, “I have you in my heart.” Second, we need to capture how Paul valued the Philippians as co-laborers. He felt tremendous joy because of how these people had partnered with him in ministry from the very beginning. Third, we need to capture what Paul prayed for them as a church. He prayed that they would have love abounding in knowledge, which is what we call spiritual intelligence.

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