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5 Marks: Validity of Scripture

Yogi Durbin
May 7, 2017

5 Marks: Validity of Scripture

Our sermon series, 5 Marks of a Healthy Disciple, is broken into 5 mini-series. The first one, which Pastor Yogi kicked off in this message, is about cultivating a relationship with God by spending time in His word. The opening message of this mini-series deals with the validity of Scripture.

If we believe that the Bible is God’s word to man, then we’re going to make the effort to hear what God has to say to man. A mark of a healthy disciple is the seriousness with which he or she takes the Bible. A disciple, after all, is someone who follows Jesus with the intent to listen and obey.

The question of the validity of Scripture has to do with how¬†disciples approach the Bible. There are three terms that describe how we ought to view God’s word: inspired, infallible, and inerrant. We believe that the Bible is inspired by God, that it originated with him as the Divine Author and was communicated through human authors. We believe that the Bible is infallible, meaning that whatever it teaches, it teaches in perfect truth. We also believe that the Bible is inerrant, meaning that the Bible contains no affirmations of anything that is contrary to fact.

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