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Calling Into

Yogi Durbin
October 25, 2015

Calling Into

Continuing our series Hope Is Here through 1 Peter, Pastor Yogi preached from chapter 1 verses 13-25. In this text, Peter is calling believers into a life of holiness, reverence, and love. But before we can be called into that kind of life, we must first be called away from our old lives.

Peter calls believers away from having sleepy and scattered minds. He tells us to be alert and of sober mind. Our faith is a heart and a mind issue. He also calls us to flee from evil desires that characterized our previous, ignorant way of life. Before we knew Christ, all we knew was what our sinful hearts desired. As Yogi said, “admitting to ignorance is one of the smartest things we can do.”

Leaving behind this old way of life, Peter calls believers into a life characterized by holy obedience, reverent fear, and deepening love. To be holy does not mean that we are perfect. Instead, it means that we are set apart for God’s purpose. We can never achieve perfection in this life, so instead we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit living within us. Living with reverent fear means that we have deep, sacred respect for God. In Christ, we see God not as terrifying but as awesome. The deepening love that Peter talks about involves making the transition from brotherly love (phileo) to Christlike love (agape). The calling of every believer is to love others on a deep level – as God loves them.


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