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How to Family: Breaking Generational Sin

Andy Holt
November 6, 2016

How to Family: Breaking Generational Sin

Generational sin is a pattern of wicked desires, thoughts, and behaviors that repeats itself across multiple generations in a particular family. It is the dark side of family life, as these sins often go unaddressed and unbroken. But God wants to deal with the wickedness that throws generation upon generation into chaos and despair. God wants to break the pattern of generational sin in your family.

Pastor Andy addressed this important topic as we continued our series, How to Family, at Hope Church. There are two requirements for breaking generational sin in our families. First, we must find new models of desire, thought, and behavior. We have to see healthy¬†ways of doing life. We have to find families that live faithfully in God’s way. Second, we must form new patterns of desire, thought, and behavior. It’s not enough to see it modeled, we have to learn to put these things into practice in our own lives.

But that is only the beginning. There is a four stage, ongoing process that must be undertaken in order to see victory over the perpetual cycle of sin and chaos in our families. These four stages are: 1) Confession, 2) Repentance & Renunciation, 3) Confrontation, and 4) Forgiveness. Please listen to the message for more information on this important process.

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