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How to Family: Connecting with God

Andy Holt
November 27, 2016

How to Family: Connecting with God

The final message in our How to Family series is about connecting with God as a family. Pastor Andy told the story of Aquila and Priscilla, the faithful couple of the early church. We learn about this family in Acts 18, where Paul is introduced to them in Corinth. They quickly became close friends with the apostle, playing a vital role in his ministry in both Corinth and Ephesus. This faithful couple is an example for Christian families today for how to have a big impact for God’s kingdom.

To have a significant impact for the kingdom, your family must be connecting with God together. It’s not enough to have individual relationships with Jesus; we must invite God into the heart of our life as a family. There are four ways that we can do this. First, we can pray together. The need for prayer is so great that you must be praying as a family consistently. Second, we can study the Bible together. We let God lead and direct our life together as a family when we give his word a place of honor and a voice of authority. Third, we can be on mission together. Kids have the same light of Christ and the same Holy Spirit as parents, so we should empower our children to let their lights shine. Finally, we can suffer together with God. God alone can redeem any and all suffering.

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