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Get Low

Andy Holt
March 13, 2016

Get Low

Pastor Andy brought us to the end of our series through 1 Peter, Hope Is Here. This message, called Get Low, covers chapter 5 of Peter’s letter. This is a rich text, full of striking imagery and life-giving commands. In this passage, Peter is primarily concerned with two themes: humility and glory. While these themes are never placed together in ancient pagan or modern Western thought, they are intimately connected in Christian teaching. This is because Jesus chose to “get low.” He, the Author of Life, became the Crucified Savior. And then he became the Risen Lord. His humility led to his glory.

Peter tells us that we are to have the same attitude. If we are to follow Jesus, then we must embrace humility, never being afraid to get low. If we do that, Peter says, by humbling ourselves under God’s mighty hand, then he will lift us up in due time. Humility today leads to glory tomorrow. A crown of glory awaits those who humble themselves in this life, who seek to serve others – just as Jesus served – and who lead by example.

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