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Greater Worth Than Gold

Andy Holt
October 11, 2015

Greater Worth Than Gold

Pastor Andy brought us back to chapter 1 of 1 Peter in this week’s message, Greater Worth than Gold. In this sermon, Andy covered verses 6 through 9, which is a powerful section of Scripture dealing with enduring trials. Peter calls believers to have a new perspective on their trials – that they can help purify our faith as fire purifies gold. But our faith, he adds, is worth so much more than gold!

Andy identified four kinds of trials that we may endure in life, and he also gave us a proper response that we can take within our trials. The four kinds of trials are persecution, tragedy, consequences, and disappointment. There are many reasons that we might experience these difficult circumstances, but God is ready to meet us in the midst of them. He wants to deliver us from our trials with faith that has been purified like gold. Our proper response looks like this:

Persecution –> Rejoice!
Tragedy –> Gratitude
Consequences –> Repent
Disappointment –> Surrender

This very brief description does not do any of these trials or their responses justice. Please listen to the message to hear all of what Pastor Andy, who knows the overwhelming hardship of tragedy all too well, had to say.

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