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How to Family: Priorities

Yogi Durbin
November 13, 2016

How to Family: Priorities

Having a relationship with Jesus changes all of our priorities. This is the core message of Pastor Yogi’s message on setting and living from certain priorities as a family. As we consider how we should orient our lives and our family, Jesus presents us with three over-riding considerations.

First, as we see in Luke 19:10, Jesus knew what his purpose was: to seek and save what was lost. He never deviated from this purpose. Second, Mark 1:35-39 teaches that Jesus didn’t allow others to set his agenda. A lot of people will try to set our agenda for us, but Jesus didn’t let that happen. His agenda came directly from the Father. Third, Matthew 16:13-28 shows that Jesus recognized opposition when it showed up. When Peter tried to get him to deviate from his purpose, he recognized this as the work of the evil one and rejected it out right.

There are six things that we can do to set and keep priorities for our families. First, begin with the end in mind. Second, bring clarity to your priorities. Third, be reasonable: your priorities should alleviate stress and pressure, not cause them. Fourth, invite others – especially your kids – to participate and take ownership. Fifth, don’t be discouraged by resistance. Sixth, allow biblical principles to shape your thinking.

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