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Inside Out (Part 2)

Yogi Durbin
August 30, 2015

Inside Out (Part 2)

Pastor Yogi Durbin continued our series, Kingdom-Minded Vision, with the second part of his two-part message, Inside Out. Yogi began with the question, “What kind of church did Jesus have in mind when he said, ‘I will build my church’?” What did Jesus intend to drive the church he built?

There are many different things that can drive a church: tradition, budget, personality, programs. All of these are good things in their proper place, but too often they can overwhelm the church and become its primary concern. Hope Church is a congregation driven by the mission of Jesus to seek and save what has been lost. We are about outreach.

In today’s culture, outreach is becoming increasingly difficult. The evangelistic methods we used thirty years ago don’t necessarily yield the same results today. Fortunately for us, it is the message of the Gospel that is sacred, not the method by which we proclaim it to the world. In this inside out approach, we want to connect with people who don’t know Jesus in real friendships. People are still lost without Jesus, and they need someone to connect them with God.┬áIs there someone in your life to whom God is leading you to connect?

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