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Jesus Only: One in Jesus

Andy Holt
July 22, 2018

Jesus Only: One in Jesus

The Berlin Wall was the most significant symbol of the divide between East and West, between communism and democracy. It was a constant and visible reminder of the hostility between these two groups of people. The Berlin Wall had such a powerful presence in our cultural imagination that we only had to call it “The Wall.” The Early Church had their own kind of Berlin Wall – the Law of Moses. In fact, it also had a shorthand: The Law. The Law was a symbol for all that kept Jews and Gentiles apart.

But God’s desire was to make the two groups one in Jesus. He wanted to make a new family that included people from all over the world, and this family would be centered around his Son. The main idea of this entire passage is this: The way to God is the same for everyone – through Jesus Christ. God doesn’t have favorites. He doesn’t make it easier for some and harder for others. He doesn’t have a different way for different groups.

God doesn’t like walls. He doesn’t like things that keep people separate, so he went above and beyond to make us all one in Jesus. That means that Christians need Jesus just as much as anybody else does! You’re not automatically in God’s new family just because you grew up going to a Christian church, or because you say you’re a Christian. You need Jesus!

God wants you to be in his family because he’s building something big: a living temple in which he will dwell as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for all eternity. God is building a place without walls or divisions, without violence, sin, disease, death, or corruption. And he’s made sure that everyone has a chance to get there by making the way the same for everyone: through Jesus Christ.

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