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Jesus Only: Unlikely Candidates

Yogi Durbin
July 29, 2018

Jesus Only: Unlikely Candidates

God uses unlikely candidates to steward His most valuable treasure, with the intention of getting the attention of some who rule in high places. That’s the main point of Ephesians 3:1-13, which is the text for this message. What that really means, though, is this:¬†God uses messed up people to share the most important message the world has ever received and loves to watch as it frustrates and thwarts the plans of Satan and his demons. We are all unlikely candidates to be messengers for the God who created the universe, but that’s exactly what he has done for us in Jesus Christ.

As we’ve been learning through the Renovation process, whatever God is going to do in the world, he is going to do through all of Christ’s imperfect people, who make up the church. God wants each and every one of his imperfect children to be involved in his mission to save the world. He doesn’t want any of us unlikely candidates to be left out.

The apostle Paul considered himself to be the most unlikely candidate to proclaim God’s grace to the world. He was once opposed to God, doing everything he could to destroy the church. But God pulled him out of the life of darkness. Years later, however, Paul still considered himself less than the least of God’s people. In a letter to his friend Timothy, he called himself “the chief of sinners.” But Paul, and you and I, are not qualified by what we do or have done, what we know or experience; we are qualified by God’s grace!

It’s because we’re such unlikely candidates for God’s service that the demonic powers are so flabbergasted. They can’t understand grace! God wants to show us off as his models for grace to the demonic powers in the world. Not only have we been given the grace of carrying the Gospel message, which is a sacred treasure, but we are also exhibits of God’s grace to the forces of evil in the universe.

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