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Mother’s Day 2018

Mother's Day 2018
Guest Speaker
May 13, 2018

Mother’s Day 2018

Jo Lugin, Kate Conley, and Breena Holt each gave messages for Mother’s Day 2018 at Hope. Jo spoke on the ministry of comfort that God has uniquely given to women. God is the life-giver, and he gives women the nature of comfort. Comfort is in the heart of God, and he has put it in the heart of woman, and so a major part that women play in the lives of those they love is to comfort them in difficult times. The first woman, Eve, learned a hard lesson of comfort when God forgave her for her sin in Eden, and comforted her by bringing her Seth, her son born after Cain killed Abel.

Kate shared the powerful story that she and her husband, Kain, have lived through as they have adopted three boys over the last three years. Adoption is an analogy for our relationship with God, and Romans 8 tells us that we have been given the spirit of adoption. In fact, we are co-heirs with Christ to all the promises of God and riches of heaven through adoption! No matter what your past is or where you are today, you can receive all the riches of God through Jesus Christ.

Breena, drawing on the deep loss she and her husband, Andy, experienced when their son Ezekiel went to Jesus four years ago, preached on grief and hope. God understands our grief – even our deepest loss – because he, too, has lost a Son. But we are not without hope. As Mary Magdalene experienced outside of the empty tomb in John 20:11-18, Jesus has risen from the dead, and that gives us all hope! Breena encouraged us with three things: 1) It’s okay to grieve; 2) Find hope in Jesus; and 3) Share the story of how Jesus met you in your grief and gave you hope.

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