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How to Neighbor: Connecting (Front Yard Neighbors)

Andy Holt
August 28, 2016

How to Neighbor: Connecting (Front Yard Neighbors)

In the second message of our series, How to Neighbor, Pastor Andy¬†addressed the issue of connecting with the people who live near you. In Matthew 22:39, Jesus said that the second greatest commandment is this: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This means that the only thing that is more important than loving our neighbor is loving God. While we need to view everyone we encounter as our neighbors, we can’t neglect the people who live or work closest to us.

Andy introduced us to the concept of front yard neighbors. A front yard neighbor is¬†someone who chooses to frequently be outside in their front yard for the sake of fostering community with those near them. It’s really not the complicated. The principle is to be visible and available to your neighbors. God works through your presence, sending love and grace through you to those you encounter. The Great Commission is fulfilled through great connections.

The message concludes with a powerful story of redemption and hope. Being front yard neighbors means that God can pour out his love, grace, and hope into the lives of those who need it. Everyone has a powerful story of redemption that God can use to help others. The only question is: Are you making yourself visible and available to God and your neighbors?

One thought on “How to Neighbor: Connecting (Front Yard Neighbors)

  1. Faye Eiber says:

    This message is so relevant, so locally applicable, and all the while global. Love it! I am so trying to do this very thing. I feel so handcuffed, yet I see every person here in this Acropolis hill in need of the love of our precious Jesus. Pray for them. It is a very world-driven area. Pray with me for them…Thank you for caring for the lost. You cannot be lost if you are not first secured. Blessings, Faye

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