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Numbers 11

Guest Speaker
August 6, 2017

Numbers 11

This summer, Hope Church has been blessed by our intern, Matthew Spiegel. Matthew has been serving in various capacities at locations across Ohio, including Beulah Beach, Fairhaven Church, Urban Connections, and right here at Hope Church. This past Sunday, Matthew put a wonderful capstone on his internship by preaching a powerful message from Numbers 11.

Numbers 11 is the story of God’s provision of a superabundance of quail. The people of Israel had been given manna in the wilderness, but they had grown tired of it. They complained to Moses about their lack of meat, and God, obviously tired of their complaining, gave them more meat than they could handle.

There are three lessons that we can learn from this text. First, we need to work in order to develop the fullness of God’s blessing. We can’t sit idly by while God blesses us – we must put in the hard work to develop the gifts that God gives us. Second, never question God’s strength. God is faithful and powerful enough to deliver and provide for all of our needs. Third, challenges prepare us for the future. The challenges we experience in life are opportunities to learn and grow, and we can develop our faith through these difficult seasons of life.

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