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Peter’s Equation

Yogi Durbin
November 15, 2015

Peter’s Equation

After a one-week hiatus for Global Impact Weekend, we continued our series through 1 Peter called Hope Is Here with Pastor Yogi’s message on 1 Peter 2:11-25. A significant portion of this message was dedicated to the recent terrorist events in Paris and Beirut. Both Yogi and Andy encouraged the congregation to not be afraid in this dangerous times, but rather to pray that our enemies would encounter Jesus and be saved.

In the text from 1 Peter, Yogi showed us Peter’s “life equation,” which goes like this:

My Life – Sinful Desires + Christlike Humility = Winsome Witness –> Glorify God

When I take sinful desires out of my life and add Christ’s humility, I will have a winsome witness to unbelievers that can lead them to salvation, which results in God being glorified. None of this easy, of course. Each of us needs the power of the Holy Spirit to abstain from sinful desires. Sin attracts. Nothing is more desirable than that which is forbidden. But our part is to exercise self-control, and God has promised that he will fill us with the Holy Spirit, and he will empower us to do exactly that.

The point of this equation is to let others see your love – let those who do not follow Jesus be drawn to the life of Jesus through you. And that will result in God being glorified in the lives of new believers.

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  1. linda burns says:

    hello, my 81 year old mother would like to visit your church on sunday. I belong to a church already, however she has moved here from marion , and is in search of a good church. I need someone that can give her a ride home. she lives 5 min. away. thanks

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