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Prophets of the Cross: Genesis 3

Yogi Durbin
March 5, 2017

Prophets of the Cross: Genesis 3

Our Lenten series, Prophets of the Cross, began with Pastor Yogi’s message on Genesis 3. This familiar story tells of the fall of humanity into a sinful state. But it is not a story that leaves us in despair. In fact, it contains the first mention of a Gospel message – what scholars call the “protoevangelium.” It is God who proclaims this message of good news, when he tells the serpent regarding the offspring of Eve: “He will crush your head, but you will strike his heel.” God is the first prophet of the cross.

The effect of the fall of humanity into sin is that we experience death in three ways: physical, spiritual, and eternal. Not only is the punishment for sin the death of our physical bodies, but we have also died spiritually. This means that we are separated from God, and need to be revived back to spiritual life by him, and him alone. But the worst consequence of the actions of Genesis 3 is eternal death. Because of our sin, we are condemned to eternal death in hell. But the good news is that, in Christ, God has erased our guilt! While we will still experience physical death, we have been rescued from spiritual and eternal death through the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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