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Prophets of the Cross: Isaiah 25

Yogi Durbin
April 16, 2017

Prophets of the Cross: Isaiah 25

Our entire Prophets of the Cross series has been an exploration of ancient Hebrew prophecies of the suffering and death of the Messiah. In this final installment, however, we came to Isaiah 25, one of the most profound statements of God’s intention to conquer death through resurrection. Being Easter Sunday, it was only appropriate that we conclude, not with a prophecy of the cross, but with a prophecy of the empty tomb.

In Isaiah 25 we find six words that serve as the centerpiece, so to speak, of the entire story of Scripture: “He will swallow up death forever.” This is a promise that God will not allow death, which is the common enemy of all mankind, to have the final¬†word. Death is not stronger than God, and one day, Isaiah declares, death will be destroyed forever.

This is the essence of what the Church has always, and will always, celebrate at Easter. When Jesus rose from the dead, he destroyed the power of death forever. And now, although our bodies will die, we, too, will rise again with¬†imperishable bodies that can never be destroyed. In Christ’s resurrection, we have given the hope of eternal life, an inheritance that can never be taken from us.

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