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Small is More

Andy Holt
August 16, 2015

Small is More

In the first message of the Kingdom-Minded Vision series, Andy introduced three fundamental characteristics of God’s kingdom. First of all, God’s kingdom is Christ-centered. Secondly, it is others-oriented. Thirdly, it is self-sacrificing. Jesus communicated the heart of this vision when he addressed James and John’s request for glory in Matthew 20:20-28.

Andy also gave us a vision for how Hope Church will advance God’s kingdom through small groups. Borrowing from the vision of Dave Browning in Deliberate Simplicity, Andy laid out a plan for the church to reach people for Christ through focused, prayer-soaked, team-oriented small groups. As Dave writes in his book, “small is more.” And through this small groups approach, we have the opportunity to take a posture of evangelism and outreach that is dependent upon God through prayer, focused on the people to whom we are already connected, and accomplished by a team rather than individuals.

There is great potential in small groups. We can do more to advance God’s kingdom as a focused group of 10 then we can as a scattered collection of 100 individuals. God’s plan, after all, has always been that we gather together in groups called churches. As Andy said, “God is not making Christians; he is making churches.” Our dream for Hope Church is not to become a church of a 1,000 Christians, but to be a church of a 100 churches called small groups advancing the kingdom all over central Ohio.

One thought on “Small is More

  1. Carla Gutches says:

    Hello, I agree, whoever is doing the website needs a raise! Thanks this is terrific.
    I am a member of Hope Church and met Yogi and Andy at a gathering at Gould’s earlier this summer. I have a terrible time getting going in the mornings and would love to be part of a small group meeting in the evening. In case someone reading this does not know who I am……just went on medicare, lol, live close to the church. Tues. or Wed. night would be best. Just let me know time and location. Thanks soooo much. Carla

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