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The Story of All Stories

Yogi Durbin
October 18, 2015

The Story of All Stories

Pastor Yogi Durbin continued our series through 1 Peter, Hope is Here, with a message on 1 Peter 1:10-12 called The Story of All Stories. The first chapter of 1 Peter is filled with different aspects of theology and doctrine. In these three verses we found bibliology (the study of the formation of Scripture), the Trinity (God in three persons), and angelology (the study of angels). In this message, Yogi addressed two of these doctrines: the Trinity and angelology.

Yogi’s main idea was this: God’s redemptive work through Christ is the story of all stories given to mankind. We all have stories that are meaningful to us, individually. These stories are often personal in nature, and so they don’t mean as much to others. But the story of what God is doing through Jesus Christ is personal to everyone, because God desires to redeem every person on earth.

This story is a story that the Hebrew prophets longed to tell, but they didn’t get the full picture because it happened after their time. Likewise, God’s redemptive work through Christ is a story that angels have longed to look into. What makes this story so appealing is that it is a story filled with grace, autographed in by blood by the Author himself, and it is as much about the future as it is about the present.

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