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The Unexpected God

Andy Holt
September 6, 2015

The Unexpected God

In the fourth message of our Kingdom-Minded Vision series, Pastor Andy preached on loving God. Not wanting people to walk out of the service thinking, “I need to love God more,” Andy conducted a series of thought experiments to help us know God more. After all, the more we know God, the more we will love God.

In these thought experiments, he compared what we humans normally expect of God with what God is actually like as revealed in Jesus Christ and through Scripture. Andy demonstrated that we worship the unexpected God because he is not at all what we expect him to be like.

Tracing our expectations of God in creation, through humanity, and as the Messiah, Andy showed that God is, and has done, so much more than we could ever imagine. In creation, we moderns think that God is distant and detached, while our ancient ancestors believed that the universe is the result of cosmic warfare. But in Genesis 1, we discover that God is actively, lovingly, and peacefully crafting the cosmos by his word. Similarly, in that same chapter we find that God has a high view of humanity. He has made all people of all races and at every stage of development in his image. Finally, when it comes to the Messiah, Jesus didn’t come to restore sovereignty to Israel and drive out the Romans; he came to set Israel, Rome, and every one of us free from the stranglehold of sin, death, and the powers of evil. The unexpected God is the God who creates from a heart of love, who imbues humanity with his own image, and who sets us free from sin. Can you love a God like that?

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