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The Upside-Down Kingdom: The Beatitudes

Yogi Durbin
April 10, 2016

The Upside-Down Kingdom: The Beatitudes

Pastor Yogi kicked off our new series, The Upside-Down Kingdom, this past Sunday. This series will take us through one of the most powerful sections of Scripture: Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. Found in Matthew 5-7, the Sermon on the Mount contains Jesus’s radical teaching about the way things are in God’s kingdom, and what he expects from his followers. We’re calling this series The Upside-Down Kingdom because Jesus’s way is so different, so upside-down from the way of the world. You can see it right from the beginning with that famous series of pithy statements known as the beatitudes.

The first and last of the beatitudes serve as two assurances to those who have made the decision to become disciples of Jesus. The middle six serve as promises that are definitely present in the kingdom he is establishing now, but are ultimately fulfilled as promises for the future. Notice the wording: “theirs is” and “they will.” Another way to put it is that Jesus has brought the kingdom of heaven to earth in his own kingly power and fellowship, and we can enjoy foretastes of it here and now; but the full experience of the life of the kingdom will have to wait for the age to come.

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