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The Upside-Down Kingdom: Salt and Light

Andy Holt
April 17, 2016

The Upside-Down Kingdom: Salt and Light

Pastor Andy continued our series The Upside-Down Kingdom, which will take us through The Sermon on the Mount, with this message on Matthew 5:13-16. In this passage, Jesus gives his disciples a new identity. They are no longer ordinary fishermen or despised tax collectors. Now they are salt and light. They are people who are meant to influence an unbelieving culture for good.

When Jesus tells his disciples that they are the salt of the earth, he is saying that they are meant to have a preserving influence on their society. In the ancient world, salt was used as a preservative to keep meat from spoiling. In the same way, followers of Jesus are called to be agents of God’s kingdom who prevent the culture from going bad.

Jesus also tells his disciples that they are the light of the world. By this, he means that we are the ones who bring God’s goodness into this evil world.¬†Our light is our good deeds. Every time that we do a good deed, the light shines in the darkness. Of course, we do these good deeds not to draw attention or glory to ourselves, but so that we can serve others and create opportunities for people to hear and respond to the Gospel.

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