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The Upside-Down Kingdom: Wise Builders

Yogi Durbin
July 3, 2016

The Upside-Down Kingdom: Wise Builders

Pastor Yogi concluded our series through the Sermon on the Mount with the message Wise Builders, from Matthew 7:24-29. In this passage, Jesus finishes his sermon by illuminating the difference between two home owners. The first man built his house upon solid rock, but the second man built his house on shifting sand. The first man was wise, Jesus tells us, and the second man was foolish. When a storm came, the man whose house had a bad foundation came down with a crash; but the man whose home was built on rock stood secure. The meaning of the parable is plain: Build your life on the teaching of Jesus and you will stand through the storms of life.

Yogi gave us three insights into the storms of life. First, sometimes they come and go on their own, and sometimes we bring them on ourselves. Life is full of bad things that simply happen, and not every terrible thing that you go through is your fault. But sometimes the way we live our lives creates negative consequences that we must endure.

Second, the storms of life may come and go quickly, or they may linger. Often times, our response to these trials can influence how long we must suffer through them. Wise builders who trust in Jesus and follow his teaching can minimize the negative impact of difficult seasons of life.

Finally, the storms of life can be a blessing, or they can wreak havoc. God can use every trial for good. He can redeem every hard situation in your life. Our response has a significant impact on whether or not this happens. Every trial is an opportunity for growth. Wise builders take advantage of the storms of life, seizing the opportunity to be refined in character and grow in wisdom.

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