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What’s Next: Where We Are Going

What's Next
Andy Holt
January 22, 2017

What’s Next: Where We Are Going

In our What’s Next series we’re exploring both where we are and where we are going as a church. The pastors and elders have been seeking God in prayer, asking him where he is taking us in 2017 and beyond. For several reasons, we believe that God is calling Hope Church to grow and become a church that plants and serves other churches. We sense that God is calling us to grow to a significant size, not for our own sakes, but because we are a part of a family of churches, and because God is leading us to be a serving and planting church. No matter how big our individual congregation grows, we can always be more effective for, and faithful to, the Gospel when we are linked together with other churches, and particularly those congregations in our denomination.

In this message, Pastor Andy talks about four areas for Gospel faithfulness and growth. These four areas – Sunday morning worship, HopeKids, Life Groups, and outreach – are vital for the health and growth of our church body. If we’re going to get where we are going as a church – where Jesus is calling us to be – we need to be faithful in these four things.


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