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Pray and Invite

Pray and Invite

“Pray and invite.” These are two simple ways that we can apply Pastor Andy’s message on being a church that is faithful to the Gospel. In 2017, we encourage you to pray for those in your life who have not yet turned to Jesus. Pray for opportunities to demonstrate the love of Christ to them. Pray for the courage to speak to them about the hope that you have found in Jesus. The Gospel is good news for everybody, because God wants all people to be saved. But, as the apostle Paul said, how can they believe if nobody tells them about Jesus? Pray that God would give you the opportunity and the courage to share his love with others this year.

We would also ask you to consider inviting your friends, neighbors, family, or coworkers to church at some point this year. Many people will accept an invitation to church from people they know and trust. We’re not asking you to invite people you don’t know. Instead, think about extending an invitation to the people in your life who you love and who need the hope and forgiveness we have in Jesus. If you would like a little reminder, download the image below and set it as the lock or home screen on your phone.

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