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Sermon Series: The Upside-Down Kingdom

The Upside-Down Kingdom

The words of Jesus in The Sermon on the Mount resound like a thunderclap on a clear day. They are a tour de force of ethical and moral instruction. Biblical scholar Jaroslav Pelikan calls The Sermon on the Mount “the greatest moral document of all time.” It is, quite simply, the pinnacle of Christ’s teachings. As we leave the Easter Season, we will begin a sermon series through The Sermon on the Mount called The Upside-Down Kingdom.

In these three chapters, Matthew 5-7, Jesus teaches on the nature of God’s kingdom and what we must do as his followers. God’s kingdom is not like the kingdoms of this world. It is, as many have called it, an upside-down kingdom. In God’s kingdom we love our enemies, turn the other cheek, and store up our treasures in heaven. We are blessed when we are persecuted, comforted when we mourn, and we inherit the earth if we are humble.

Jesus tells us, in essence, that everything we thought we knew about the good life, about being blessed, and about following God is wrong. It must all be flipped on its head. We don’t make progress in God’s kingdom by trying to get ahead or by looking out for number one. The way is narrow, even backwards when compared to the way of the world. True discipleship is upside-down. Join us each week for this important series.

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