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Sermon Series: What’s Next?

What's Next

The first sermon series of 2017 is a 3 week examination and celebration of where we are as a church, what God has done to bring us this far, and where we sense God leading us in the future. This series, called What’s Next, is a look back and a look ahead. We want to celebrate what God has done at Hope Church, and part of that celebration will be a baptism service on January 29. If you have not yet been baptized, and you think that this is something God is impressing on your heart to do, please contact Pastor Andy to make arrangements.

A big part of the What’s Next series is looking to the future into which God is calling us. What does He have, specifically, for us to do in 2017 and beyond? The elders of Hope Church will be gathering before the start of this series for an extended time of prayer. Their aim is to discern how the Lord is leading our church, and to discover the necessary steps we must take to be faithful and obedient to His calling. We believe that God wants all people to be saved, and that He is working through His Church to bring the life-giving message of the Gospel to people everywhere. Our hope at Hope is to bring glory to God by participating with Christ in completing His mission of redeeming what has been lost.

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