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Small Groups Survey

As we prepare for Launch Sunday, September 27, we will be going through a sermon series called Kingdom-Minded Vision. As part of this sermon series, we will be meeting in small groups on various nights throughout the week. The purpose of the small groups is to further discuss the vision presented during the Sunday morning message. These groups will meet for only four weeks, beginning the week of August 23 and ending the week of September 13.

We have created a small groups survey to help facilitate the placement of each person at Hope into the group that works best for them. Please fill out the survey below with your name, email address, and the evening(s) that work best for you.

Remember, this is a short-term commitment. We will be launching our official small group ministry in early 2016, and this short season is meant to give you a taste of what is to come. The groups we form for this series will not necessarily be the same groups we have in 2016.

Small Group Survey

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2 thoughts on “Small Groups Survey

  1. Jolinda says:

    Do we have plans for kids at all? That will effect my availability and commitment.

    1. Andy Holt says:

      Each group will be asked to find childcare for their meetings. Some groups may choose to find a sitter from outside the group, while others may choose to have two different group members care for the kids each week.

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