Dwell Bible App: Listen, read + meditate on Scripture

You can request a free Dwell Bible App subscription here!

What is Dwell Bible App?

Dwell is a audio-first Bible App built to help you engage with, mediate on, and cultivate a habit of being in Scripture. Below are a list of features and tools that explain it's purpose and role in your Scripture reading rhythms and habits:

  • Listen: Dwell is the best way to listen to the Bible, with 17 different voice options and 12 different versions so far!
  • Read Along: See and hear the Bible like never before with Dwell’s Read Along experience. Follow the text of Scripture as it scrolls down the screen, synchronized to the narrator’s voice.
  • Read: Reading the Bible on your phone has never been more enjoyable. You can fully tailor your Read experience, with tastefully curated themes, fonts, and more!
  • Sleep: Fall asleep to the word of God being read over. As we sleep, we are reminded that we are dependent creatures. The Lord renews and sustains us as we learn to rest in him.
  • Meditate: Meditation on Scripture is medicine that heals our inattentiveness and awakens in us a longing for God. Use Dwell’s Repeat and Reflect feature to meditate on God’s word.
  • Memorize: Memorizing Scripture is key to an abiding life with Christ. Move the Word of God from the screen deep into your heart using Dwell’s Repeat and Reflect feature.
  • Build a Habit: Growth in Christ does not happen by accident. This way of life must be intentionally cultivated daily. Use any of Dwell’s 75+ listening plans (+notifications) to stay rooted in Scripture.
  • Search, Favorite and Create Playlists: Keep your favorite passages close to your heart! Dwell makes it simple to search and bookmark verses so that you can easily return to them day after day. You can also create your own Scripture Playlists to come back to and play anytime.
  • Browse & Discover: Browse popular verses or curated playlists that include select verses by theme. Or just pick a book and dive in!

WHy do we have a church account?

We believe God's Word is a critical part of knowing God, being transformed by God, and plays an authoritative role in our discipleship to Jesus. Because of this belief, and the common request to help cultivate a habit of reading and engaging God's Word, we wanted to invest in a tool that encourages you in this vital Spiritual Discipline.

Dwell Bible App is not a replacement for your Bible any more than your phone or tablet was. It is merely a tool we hope pushes you to the God who authored Scripture through His Holy Spirit.

Psalm 119:18 reads, "Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from Your law." Know that we're praying that same thing for you...that you would encounter God's wonder, beauty, and majesty in a transformational way as you spend time listening to His eternal Word.

Watch how to navigate the Dwell App

I already have a Dwell Subscription - Can I join the church plan?

Yes! Follow these steps to join the church plan.

  1. Open a web browser and go to https://dwellapp.io (NOT in the Dwell App)
  2. Sign in with your Dwell username and password
  3. In the same browser, go to our church's landing page (https://dwellapp.io/signup/with/thisishope)
  4. Join our church account
  5. Open the Dwell App on your phone
  6. Log out, and log back into the Dwell App (this is important)
  7. On the Me page, you should now see a link to your church's custom listening passages, playlists, and plans
  8. If you run into any trouble with that, shoot the Dwell team a message at hello@dwellapp.io with screenshots of what you see and they'll be happy to help!