Elder Board

Say hello to the elders at Hope Church!

What our Elders do

The Elders provide overall leadership for Hope Church- aka, the buck stops here. Scripture tells us that Elders serve as overseers- overseeing the health of the church family, and the strategy and vision to accomplish the call God has given the church family. They have tasked our staff with handling day-to-day operations of the church, and co-labor in the task of discipling and empowering the church family to use their gifts. They also provide leadership and direction for our Leadership + Administrative Teams, taking their advisement as they guide and oversee the church.

We follow the guidelines in Paul's letters to Timothy and Titus when looking for men to be nominated for an elder position. Elders are nominated by a Nominating Committee of members who are voted on by the membership of the church family, and then select men who fit the qualifications for eldership for the congregation to then vote on at the Annual Meeting (typically mid to late January each year). Elders are elected for a term of two years, and can serve two terms consecutively. Elders then appoint members of the church family to the Leadership and Admin teams. Elders also assist the Pastor in staff selection.

Meet the Elders of Hope Church

Phil Ardnt - Pastor/Chair of Elder Board

We call Phil the great "homogenizer" since he makes sure every team is talking to each other. As Pastor, he chairs the Elder Board meetings.

Lou Formen - Vice Chair of Elder board

Lou Formen has been around Hope awhile- his wisdom has carried many of us through tough decisions. Lou serves as vice chair on the Elder Board and leads one of our life groups. Don’t ask him about the Cleveland Browns if you’ve got somewhere to be…

John Spiegel - Elder

John does everything at Hope Church- worship band, administrative team, life group leader, triad leader... and he still finds time to encourage you as you follow Jesus.

Grant Margraff - Elder

Grant is a Bible Teacher through and through- he always points others to scripture, and leads by that example too. Grant also serves as a co-leader for one of our life groups and as a HopeKids teacher.

Pete Folvi - Elder

Pete is a prayerful leader- he prays for bold things and willingly walks into life's biggest challenges alongside you. And he has an amazing sense of humor.

Phillip Lunt - Elder

Phillip is a). Committed to following Jesus in every area of life. b). Unafraid to push you into Christlikeness and c). SportsCenter Top-Ten worthy athlete. Photo proof available upon request.

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