Thursday Night Life Group 2

Lou is the kind of guy who makes anyone feel welcomed. And he's someone who knows God's Word well!

Who, What, When and Where?

Lou Formen- Athlete, Leader, deep and relaxing voice… what’s not to love? Lou’s wisdom and servant leadership has blessed Hope for years. He has a deep love for the Lord and His Word (and will quote scripture on the regular!). Lou is also intentional about making others feel welcomed- he has an "open door" policy wherever he goes! Be careful if you ask him about the Cleveland Browns though- he'll talk your ear off...

This is a smaller, multi-generational life group; singles, retired couples and veterans of the faith. Right now, all our life groups are studying 1 + 2 Timothy and Titus- and this group is intentional with prayer! If you're looking for a place to explore scripture deeply, this is a great group to visit!

The Formen life group meets Thursdays from 7pm-8:30pm at Hope Church. They can't wait to host you!

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