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Sermon Series: Kingdom-Minded Vision


Kingdom-Minded Vision

As Westerville Alliance Church transitions into Hope Church, pastors Yogi and Andy will be leading us through a vision casting series called Kingdom-Minded Vision. For four weeks, beginning in August, we will be proclaiming the vision of God’s kingdom to redeem all that has been lost, as well as encouraging one another to shift our attention to those whom God is wooing into his kingdom. Our God is King, and he wants all people to enter into his kingdom through his son Jesus Christ. But he has left the task of proclaiming the truth of his kingdom to us, the church. Therefore, it is imperative that we have a kingdom-minded vision, a way of seeing the world that is aligned with God’s purpose and passion.

All of us know people who need the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but few of us are ready to share that hope with those who need it. In this series we will learn to look outward, to see beyond the four walls of our church, and begin to live in such a way that we can naturally share the hope we have in Jesus’ resurrection. This is not, however, a sermon series on evangelism. We are talking about something much bigger than what we normally think of when we think about evangelism. We are talking about having a kingdom orientation, of living within the world as hope-sharing, neighbor-loving, kingdom-bringing people. We want to become the kind of people for whom evangelism is not an activity, but a natural way of life.

Kingdom-Minded Vision signals a new and exciting season of ministry for this church. We are confident that God is up to big things in our midst, and that he is calling us to take significant leaps of faith in the coming months. Possessing a kingdom-minded vision will empower us to follow him as he leads.

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  1. Yogi Durbin says:

    Love the new website. Who is your webmaster?

    1. Andy Holt says:

      Whoever he is, he deserves a raise! 😉

  2. Ron Whitt says:

    I have to agree with Andy here… wow, man – this site looks fantastic!

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