How We Are Led

Hope Church is an interdependently-led church.

What is interdependent leadership?

At Hope Church in Westerville, Ohio, we believe no one person can fulfill all of the leadership roles needed in a church. Instead, it takes a group of people working together- each using their gifts to serve how God calls them to. Practically, this means our Pastor doesn't get to call all the shots, and our lead teams have to practice “Divine Expectation” - which means we have to rely on God to provide vision and equipping to carry out decisions and ministry. It's a different style of leadership that requires a lot of authenticity and engagement to make work.

We aren't perfect at it- in many ways, we're still learning to share. But God has definitely blessed the effort to shoulder the mission as a team with different gifts and different stories. We still have our roles and areas of accountability- you can learn more about that below. If you want to know more or talk about it with us, just click that contact button at the bottom of the page!

Our Leadership Teams

We still have areas of accountability and staff to keep Hope Church running. Learn more and connect with our teams below!