Leadership + Admin Teams

Say hello to the leadership + admin teams at Hope Church!

What our Leadership + Admin Teams do

The Leadership Team advises the elders and help implement relational ministry; that is, anything having to do with people and ministry. You'll often see Leadership Team members liaison between different leaders and ministry teams to keep things running around Hope. 2-3 members are selected by the Elder Board and serve 1 year terms.

The Admin Team manages the resources of Hope Church; that is, the finances, building and assets Hope Church has. Members of this team are also selected by the Elder Board and serve 1 year terms. Critical to the Admin Team are our final two elected positions - the Treasurer (who oversees the funds and financial accounts of Hope Church) and the Assistant Treasurer (who aids, and helps keep accountable, the Treasurer in their responsibilities). The Treasurer and Asst. Treasurer are nominated by the nominating committee and, after elected by a vote of Hope Church Members, serve 4-6 year terms.

Meet the teams

Ken + Lynette Lovelace - Treasurer/Leadership Team

Ken has managed Hope church finances like a pro for several years. He is also wicked fast at excel shortcuts. Lynette is a steady teacher- cool head and cooler personality.

Joshua + Brittney Mize - Maintenance Manager/Leadership Team

Joshua is a Merchant Marine Engineer - meaning he often sails for weeks at a time. When he's not sailing, we make him fix things at the church. Brittney is unofficial "Head Greeter" - because she loves meeting new people!

Danielle Formen - Staff + Admin Team

Danielle is the person responsible for making Hope Church look good- decorator extraordinaire and queen of clean, she is the one who really keeps this place running.

Florence Craft - Assistant Treasurer

Florence is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful people at Hope Church. She keeps us in line and our giving records up to date.

David Long - Staff + Leadership Team

David is also a staff liaison to the elder board and leadership team- mostly so everyone can hear his weekly jokes more often...

Jessica Koch - Leadership Team

Jessica is a wizard with words and leads with a listening spirit. Team player at heart, you'll see her often serving behind the scenes.

Jonathan Kanning - Leadership Team

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