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Sermon Series: All In

We are beginning an important new sermon series at Hope Church to kick off 2016 called All In. This series is a call to commit yourself to Hope Church, and to what God is doing in and through our community in Westerville. All In will equip to be fully committed to building God’s kingdom at Hope. Below is a list of the important topics we will be covering during this series.

•  Jan 3 – Belonging: Membership and Small Groups
•  Jan 10 – Serving: Ministry Involvement
•  Jan 17 – Growing: Spiritual Formation
•  Jan 24 – Investing: Generous Giving
•  Jan 31 – Reaching: Community and World Impact

Membership classes will be held during the month of January. The class, which is two hours long, will be offered in two ways. First, you can take two, one-hour sessions at 9:00am (before the church service begins) on the 10th and 17th. Alternatively, you can take one, two-hour session at 6:30 pm on either the 10th, the 13th, or the 20th.

In other exciting news, we will launch small groups at the end of the month. Times and locations of the small groups will be announced soon, so be sure to check back on this site regularly.

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