Giving at Hope Church

At Hope Church we believe giving is a response, not an obligation.

What is giving and why give?

Giving, simply put, is a physical act flowing from a spiritual reality. Jesus gave the ultimate gift of life through His death and resurrection. He then calls all who follow Him to love and serve as He exampled in His ministry.

One way that happens is through commitment to the church family by pooling our time, talents and treasures together. We do this to worship God together, serve the community together, take the Gospel to unreached places together, and supply a location where we can be the church together. By being responsive to the Gospel's impact on our own lives, we freely share and give because we recognize the gift God has given us.

We don't give out of obligation- Jesus saved us through the Cross, not through anything we did or can do. But we do give out of responsibility- to the Gospel being shared through the church, to God as provider of all our needs, and to one another as we support the community and family here at Hope Church.

During the Christmas season, we celebrate the arrival of Emmanuel, our God who chose to be with us as the ultimate expression of His uncontainable love. A love that demands to be present. A love that must be “with.” This Christmas, the Alliance family will come together to extend  Emmanuel’s presence among the world’s overlooked, oppressed, and displaced. We want them to experience His loving embrace amid their suffering and uncertainty. Love is the motivation of this presence. It was God’s love that established His presence among us and fuels our motivation to extend His presence among those who have yet to experience His love. Will you consider giving a special gift this Christmas so that your church family and Alliance workers can proclaim Love Is Here to those who have not yet heard the good news of great joy?

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